The smartest and most reliable industrial design way is industrial process design

Create exactly what you need with our powerful process design system.

CES::Nymphaea {CAE, CAD}

Start building process

Inline industry and customer requirements will help you to achieve what you exactly need easily by configuring technological components of NYMPHAEA.

Create process and get
Project documents
APCS schemes
PLC program

CES::NYMPHAEA provides you with integrated industry and customer requirements as the stringent conditions for system operability, a stack of industry technology solutions as components and the status of guaranteed system operability allows you to generate design documentation.

Data on the connection of the equipment stored in the database and the selected PLC in the context of the characteristics of the object's ACS entered as the ToR make it possible to generate the scheme of the ACS

Configuration of components in accordance with the opinion of the technologist and ACS specialist allows to generate a PLC program.

Useful at the stage of

Formation of an unambiguously correct technical specifications

Forms of ToR
Forms of ToR with the possibility of self-checking will help to create the right requirements for the manufacturer.
Equipment requirements
You can specify specific equipment manufacturers or designate import substitution.
Verification of proposals
You can easily verify a bid from a bidder even if you don't have a specialist.

Plant design is a consequent function of process design.

Effectiveness of specialists
Design time is reduced by up to 90%
The Human Factor
Elimination of design errors up to 90%
CES::Nymphaea - BIM::6D
Seamless integration into the customer's system.

Design errors are possible at the ToR stage only.

All parts of the plant, made according to the design, fit together perfectly.
Commissioning tests
Generated PLC program and correct mounting prevents loss of time up 75%

The evolution of industrial design.

Let's create a set of industrial design capabilities to save resources and time.

Scaling to
different industries.

One set of algorithms, one interface, one set of
perfect capabilities, different industries.